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Snake at work

When I came to work last night I ended up calling my co-workers as I was standing outside there door. I told them that I was not coming in. When they asked why I told them to come to the front door to see for themselves. A large black snake had parked itself outside and there is no way that I was going to try to go past it just in case it would try to bite me.

Checking out snakes on the internet we figured out that it was a black racer snake. It also had this comment attached  "This snake will usually flee when approached, but will strike aggressively if harassed. It is harmless, but can create gashing wounds with its strike-and-slash bite pattern."               Good thing I played it safe and found another door to enter the building.

Later on in the night I walked outside and found a black branch that looked quite shiny from the rain. I then ran inside and proclaimed to my co-worker "Look, I got it!" It scared the crap out of him since to him it really looked as if I was holding it and was about to throw it at him. I am such a nice person to work with, aren't I.

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