Charlotte J (charran) wrote,
Charlotte J

IV's, Sickness, Beach, sharks, oil leak...

Went down to NC this past weekend to take some of my friends that are leaving for Iraq to Myrtle Beach so that they could have some fun before going. Facing the risk of bad weather we decided to just go somewhere closer and ended up at Atlantic Beach. Hung out there and then went to the aquarium. 
Experienced people playing playstation games in their rooms with IV's in their arms due to drinking too much the night before and no one thinking anything of it.

My car started to leak oil heading back from the beach and now I am stuck in NC. The Honda dealer is supposed to take a look at it tomorrow and hopefully it is nothing too bad going on with it. Had some people take a look at it and they put it up with a jack in the wrong place. Now I have a raised floor on the passenger side floor.

I am getting sick now too. I am coughing, sneezing and have a sore throat and sore lymph nodes. I have already missed two days of work so if I miss more or call out sick they are definitely going to think I am just making it all up and just want more vacation.

However, all the bad stuff that has happended still hasn't overshadowed this weekend which was awesome overall!!!

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