Charlotte J (charran) wrote,
Charlotte J

Canada trip this weekend!!!!!

I am going on a roadtrip to Canada this weekend with three people that I have never met in my entire life.

There is a website for Swedish people that want to connect to other Swedes that live abroad. I got contacted by a Swedish girl that lives pretty close to me. She messaged me saying that it would be fun to have lunch sometime and gave me her phone number.

I called her this past Sunday and she mentioned that she was driving to Toronto, Canada with two friends that were going to compete in a race up there. I told her that I had a Swedish friend named Sofia that had just moved there and that she was getting married. When she heard that she told me that there was room for me in the car if I wanted to tag along. DID I? What do you think?
I found out today that I can get my Friday and my Monay shift covered by relief staff so CANADA HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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