Charlotte J (charran) wrote,
Charlotte J

Bit in the butt by hornet

As I got up at 0400am this morning to get ready for my trip to Canada I sat down in my computer chair to check my email. A few seconds afterward I felt a sting on the side of my butt and when I got up to check I saw a hornet sitting there on the seat.

I ran upstairs to wake my roommate up in order to make him my knight in shining armor so that he could get rid of the horrible beast. He managed to smash it into pieces, not with a sword but with the sole of a sneaker which I was greatful for.

I had actually seen it flying around the night before but after a while it had disappeared and I decided to just ignore its presence. I even told the Swedish girl Inger that I was going to travel with about it and had stated that I would probably end up getting stung by it right before leaving. I guess I made that into a self fullfiling prophesy. Sitting on that area for the next 10 hours during the car ride up to Toronto wasn´t exactly my idea of fun but since I now am there visiting my friend Sofia it was well worth it.

The car ride was never boring either since I had 4 people to chat and hang out with too. The plan is to go to a big house party tomorrow and then off to a club where some jungle D.J`s will spin which should be exciting since I haven`t listened to jungle in a long time.

Well, I am off to be sociable now!!!
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