Charlotte J (charran) wrote,
Charlotte J

Skydiving on the 4th

Spent the 3rd in Delaware and at Dewey Beach with Bobby. It was fun but I was surprised to find out that all the hang out spots closes at 1am there. It was just as good though since we had to be ready to go skydiving at 8am the next day on the 4th.

Once we got to the skydiving place we had to endure a movie about skydiving and then some training on proper body positioning while in the air before we could get up in the plane and jump. Oh, and not to mention all the papers we had to sign saying that we did this at our own risk and that we would not sue if something went wrong. Hm... it would probably be kind of hard to sue then since you would probably be a pancake anyways.

Bobby and his uncle got to jump first and then me and Billy.
It was strange but I didn't feel the least anxious or nervous at all and the 60 second free fall didn't give me the expected butterflies in my stomach either. Maybe it was due to me doing a tandem jump this time and that my life now was in the hands of a man that had over 6000 jumps under his belt. I don't know but when I jump again I will definitely do it by myself so that I hopefully can get the adrenaline kick that I love again. I guess that knowing that my life is in my own hands and that I mustn't mess up helps raise your adrenaline. It was still a blast and I will definitely have to go again sometime soon.

About to get picked up now so that I can go and see the fireworks in DC. Have a Happy 4th of July!!!

Pictures will be posted soon. This is all I have for now until I get the pictures that other people took.

Me about to skydive
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