Charlotte J (charran) wrote,
Charlotte J

Show and a hurt Romeo

Got my arm twisted (didn't have to be twisted too hard) to go and see Hatebreed, Full Blown Chaos, Goatwhore, Younglood and Zoo play last Friday. Since I hadn't been to a hardcore/metal show in years it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself and the company. The bands put on a hell of a show & the only bad thing was that when someone spilled beer on my arm it somehow got my phone wet too. It stopped working and I had to open it up and let it dry all weekend. Luckily it is now working again. It would suck to loose all the phone numbers I have since I have about 150 numbers in there.

On Saturday I went with 4 other people on a roadtrip to Fayettville. It was a kick ass time too. Imagine a bunch of people doing stupid jackass type of stuff, videotaping it and luckily NOT getting in trouble.

On Sunday I finally got the phone to work somewhat and was able to check my messages and had 5 messages telling me that my horse Romeo had gotten hurt earlier that day.
This person that also rides him decided that she was going to show him that plastic bags aren't dangerous. If you are going to desensitize a horse to something you have to do it in a small area such as a stall and then hold the object and gradually move it closer to him. She on the other hand tied the black plastic bag to the saddle horn and once he got moving it filled with air and started making noice which made him panic since in his mind it must have been a predator trying to get him. He ended up cutting himself over the eye and had to get stitches and a draining tube inserted. His eye is all swollen and filled with puss. I feel so bad for him. Hopefully it will heal fast!!! It looks pretty bad though but I hope he will be okay in the end.
Here is a link for those who dare to take a look:
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